Who Is Genysys

We are a group of change management consultants who are living, leading and working with a deep understanding of and passion for serious Change.

We believe all humans and human enterprises, are constantly changing; either growing or decaying, moving toward life or toward death.

We cannot stay the same or maintain. We believe we each have powerful choices to make that influence which way we are heading.

Who Is Genysys

Our Distinctive: VISION

Many people and organizations have a vision statement, but we find not necessarily a clear vision that can be shared. We at Genysys have learned a great deal about what it means to create a strong vision of thriving in the future, deliberately choose this vision, then, plan and act strategically to support that vision. Our reality will be different than we first envision, particularly the timing.

The act of starting brings us closer to all we dream. In fact, our clients’ visions are routinely accelerated by their emerging opportunity. That’s the brilliance of vision---driven planning, and the power behind all our products, tools and services. Choosing, however, is only powerful when you know what and how to choose.

How We Implement: 8 Dimensions of Change

While vision is our centerpiece, we know that any successful change initiative must be grounded in reality, and properly resourced and managed. Our work is built upon a paradigm with 8 dimensions that promote transformation. Three dimensions focus on the critical role of Leadership.

1. Catalytic Leadership: Initiating Change

2. Opportunity: Assessing Identify & Reality

3. Vision: Clarifying Future Direction

4. Transformational Leadership: Embedding

5. Energy: Aligning Resources

6. Planning: Creating Focus

7. Partnering: Aligning Collaborators

8. Generative Leadership: Succession

Our Work is Called Strategic Futuring™

FOR INDIVIDUALS It’s a navigational tool for your life. We teach you how to use it, and you own it forever. Clients turn to Strategic Futuring™ when their lives have flat-lined, when they are facing a major life-change or transition, or when they just feel ready for more.

FOR ORGANIZATIONS We do the same essential work with people that we do with organizations - bringing intentionality, accountability and resources to a personally crafted vision yields surprisingly powerful, often freeing, results.

Most clients start where they need us most, and then build strength and success into their work using more of our tools as soon as they’re strong in their first area. Ask for our Menu of Client Services to choose your start with Genysys, or ask for our 8 Simple Questions in your business or group.