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Strategic Futuring For Individuals

"One of the best kept secrets is that we can choose to influence our future by envisioning our desired future, treating our vision as fact, and then translating it into a concrete plan of action."
Ray Rood, Founder, The Genysys Group

Strategic Futuring™ For Individuals


The Strategic Futuring™ Program

This facilitated program helps you clarify your current approach to the future, leverage your strengths, values, and accomplishments to create vision-based plans and partnerships to pull you into a positive future.

Do you know what part of each day you spend in each of these modes? 

1. “Surviving”

Reacting to the immediate future/changes through direct, unconscious, intuitive action. It can feel like driving a car using the rearview mirror!


2. “Creative Problem Solving”

Responding to the emerging future/ changes through pausing to consider as many alternative approaches as possible before taking action. The pause improves the quality of the response.

3. “Analyzing Trends”

Anticipating the future/ change through the identification of emerging trends (studying current events and projecting their outcomes and interrelationships) and preparing for the result before it arrives.


4. “Creating the Future”

Creating the future/ change by envisioning what is possible, including its pathway, and utilizing the resulting vision as a guide for planning. The “sky’s the limit”!

If you want to shift your approach, you may be ready for Strategic Futuring!


Do you feel like you are watching your life and wondering what will happen?


Strategic Futuring is designed for:

Individuals who are experiencing a transition in work, relationships, and/or life stage, or who simply want to:

• Choose their future in a new way

• Live a fully engaged life based on

• Knowing and embracing who you are

• Recognizing accurately your current reality

• Deciding what you want to do with who you are

• Taking the responsibility for translating your vision into a working plan of action



This program is comprised of five distinct processes addressed in five two-hour sessions, which can be done 1-on-1 or in a group or workshop format.

 Session 1  FOUNDATION  Who am I and where have I come from?
 Session 2  PERSPECTIVE  Where am I today? What are my questions of the future?
 Session 3  VISION  Where do I see myself in the future?
 Session 4  ACTION  What is my plan for moving towards my future?
 Session 5   SUCCESS  What is my support and accountability system?

strengths, talents, values, passions and achievements

Envisioning a future treated as fact

Living life intentionally

Experiencing self-fulfilling prophesies

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