Executive Coaching


"One of the best kept secrets is that we can choose to influence our future by envisioning our desired future, treating our vision as fact, and then translating it into a concrete plan of action."
Ray Rood, Founder, The Genysys Group
Today’s executive often finds herself alone within her organization, with limited perspective on how best to strategically address those professional development challenges that are impacting performance.

The GENYSYS consultant/coach seeks to provide the appropriate support necessary to balance the challenge experienced by the executive in order to both learn from the present situation and to make changes necessary that will bring about desired performance and level of personal satisfaction. This support is based not only on an assessment of the current challenges and expectations of their organization, but on who the executive is and where she is in her own personal and professional journey, including her long term goals. GENYSYS’ understanding of and sensitivity to the dynamics of human development is utilized in individualizing an approach and action plan that is appropriate for a given individual in a given organization.

The focus of the process is one of learning about oneself through self-assessment and peer feedback, which can be translated into the development of a plan culminating in new behaviors and attitudes that ensure long-term success individually and organizationally.

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