Training & Development

The Genysys Group has developed a series of courses, workshops and processes which support organizations in various phases of transformation. Each can be customized to meet the unique needs of the client.

1. Catalytic Leadership: Igniting Organizational Transformation

The "Changing the Conversation" Workshop

Igniting the catalytic leadership for organizational transformation.

2. Opportunity: Identifying Needs and Expectations

The "Foundations of Change" Workshop

Clarifying an organization's current reality and identifying the needs and expectations of key constituencies; the "Who Cares About What?" Value Audit; the "Reality Check" SCOT Assessment, the "Serving the Bottom Line" Employee Satisfaction Survey.

3. Vision: Developing a Shared Vision and Strategic Milestones

The "Serious Play At Work" Course and Workshop

The "Destination, Map and Compass" Strategic Futuring Workshop for Individuals and Groups

4. Transformational Leadership: Developing a Culture That Supports Change

The "Enduring Excellence" Course, Executive Coaching, Team and Individual Coaching

Developing a Leadership Culture that supports change.

5. Energy: Measuring Energy Levels, Sources, Drain, and Gain

The "Serious Play At Work" Course, Workshop, and Performance Management Process

The Course - Becoming Psychologically Self-Employed for Individuals and Teams

The Workshop - Developing A Self-Managed Workforce for Teams

The "Emotions That Affect Your Bottom Line" Workshop

Developing an Emotionally Intelligent Workforce

6. Planning: Integrating Strategic, Tactical and Individual Planning

The "All Systems Go" Consultation, the "Not Your Typical Strategic Plan" Facilitation, and the "Living the Dream" Tactical and Operational Plan Development

Develop a 10 year vision, 3 year horizon, immediate action steps, and a new way of adapting to opportunity every 90 days.

7. Partnering: Developing Win-Win Alliances With Organizations and Individuals

The "Platinum Service" Course - for businesses with customers

The "Your Network Works" Strategic Partnering Course

8. Generative Leadership: Leaders for the Next Iteration of Success

The "Finding and Growing Leaders" Board and Team Development Workshops

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