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Priscilla Rose


Priscilla Rose dares others to lead their lives and business! Leading and navigating change are central themes of all speaking opportunities, since they are the engines for anything significant to take place!

Priscilla Speaker Bio

She began her professional career as a manager in higher education for 10 years while pursuing her Undergrad degree and then Master's degree in Business (Human and Organizational Development). Through a consulting partnership to assist a family-owned business that had just undergone a succession, she first connected with Genysys' founder, Ray Rood, and was able to successfully introduce Genysys' vision-driven change model to support a shift in the organization that produced dramatic bottom-line results.

After experiencing the power of the Genysys process, in 2009 Priscilla made the daring proclamation to Ray that she envisioned herself running his company, Genysys in her future. This vision has come to fruition much sooner than either anticipated. As CEO since 2013, Priscilla focuses her time leading Genysys its own succession and vision of becoming a thought leader in the area of vision-driven change as they support the development of the leaders and organizations of the future.

Priscilla recently collaborated with her predecessor, Ray, to write a book called The Future Belongs to Those Who Dare, which tells their story and also the steps they take clients through to enable them to get clear about their own future or that of their company.

Priscilla speaks in person and via online mediums to get the word out. She has spoken at conferences, roundtables, and masterminds, in addition to podcasts and summits online.



Where Priscilla Has Spoken:

  • Women’s Business Momentum Center - Her Story Keynote Speaker (2014)
  • National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) – Featured Member Presentation for Webisode (2017)
  • Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) – Guest Speaker for Young Professionals Group (2017)
  • Glendale Memorial Foundation Board Retreat Guest Speaker (2017)
  • Empowered Summit hosted by Carmen Rosas – Featured Speaker (2017)   View Here
  • Smashing the Plateau Podcast Guest (2016)   View Here
  • REACH Stage Execution Workshop (2017) See Below:

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Presentations Topics:

Leaders as Agents of Change

Change in inherently about leading. Leading is inherently about navigating change.  In this talk I help you assess your own leadership and how, no matter your formal role, you can effectively to an agent of change in a business landscape that is desperate for leadership.

The Millennial Challenge is Not Just About Millennials

It’s about helping business leaders work themselves out of a job and pass leadership to the next generation.  AND helping emerging leaders accelerate their leadership to meet the opportunity in a way that benefits everyone.  It IS the millennial challenge, but all of us can get in on the action.

Getting Beyond the “Mom and Pop” Culture

You have kept the doors open to your business, which is incredible!  Now you want to grow, but you feel like in order to grow you need to shift from a “Mom and Pop” operation to a more professional culture.  Let’s dig into 3 concrete things to act upon to begin to make this shift right away!

Is a Successful Succession Possible?

The answer is YES and I can show you how!  This is a big part of the story of our company. Someone dared me to envision and speak out what I really saw for my professional future.  It led to me running the Founder’s business after just four years.  We now help other companies make the successful transition from one generation to the next.  YOU can be in the minority of businesses that have a plan to intentionally pass the business forward and protect all you have invested.

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