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Organizational Transformation

The Tools And Strategies You Need.

Glasses to See Clearly Vision Based Planning

Strategic Futuring is our Vision & Value-Based Planning Course for Individuals.

Vision-Based Planning

We help organizations create vision-based plans.

Vision-based planning incorporates the elements of traditional strategic planning with the added transformational element of aligning the plan to a larger organizational and often personal vision. This is how we’ve done it for over 40 years. It’s the most effective way for your organization to meet your goals. 

Vision-Based Planning often includes: 


  • Mission/Vision/Values Audit

  • Vision Day

  • Planning Day

  • On-going coaching for plan implementation and support

Succession Planning

We help organizations transition from one generation of leadership to the next

Successful businesses are generative businesses. A generative culture doesn’t just happen, but it can be created. 


Succession-Planning often includes:


  • Vision-Based Planning

  • Operational Audit

  • Leadership Development

  • Executive Coaching

Hands reaching out for succession planning
Business hands holding for team development

 Team Development

We help teams work better together around a common vision.

Our team development is personalized to support the vision and needs of the organization and leader. We help teams to work together around a common vision and develop their unique skills to help the organization succeed and transform. A clear and achievable leadership development plan creates successful leaders.

Team Development often includes:


  • Individual vision-based planning (we call this Strategic Futuring)

  • Organizational Transformation Model training 

  • Assessments to determine areas of energy gain and drain

  • Personalized support, leadership coaching, and guidance

  • Results/Support Planning

  • Adult/Adult Leadership Training

Leadership Development

We help leaders skillfully navigate transformation

Leading an organization through organizational transformation is rewarding and difficult. We support executives through personalized, knowledge-based coaching and generative leadership development


Leadership Development often includes:


  • Individual vision-based planning

  • Assessments to determine areas of energy gain and drain

  • Generative Leadership Coaching

  • Organizational Transformation Model training

  • Facilitated meeting support

Two middle age business workers for Leadership Development
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